Free Prix Day at the Detroit Grand Prix

DGP 2012 Free Prix Day 018

Today, Friday, is considered Free Prix Day at the Detroit Grand Prix. Almost everything is free for everyone, once you get on Belle Isle Park.

Let’s consider ACCESS. Island access is free. For example, you could walk over on the Belle Isle Bridge (a half mile?) from Jefferson Avenue to arrive here free, but you would have had to pay to park your car near Jefferson if you expect it to be there when you get back. Safe access to the island requires one of two methods. First: park your car at one of the many city parking lots, and pay for a ride to the island by bus. I’ve done it in years past, and it works. Second: own one of a few categories of car (Corvette, Camaro, Cadillac, Ferrari, Hot Rod) and buy a Corral Pass. My Corvette Corral Pass cost $50 for today only. I was allowed to bring one companion. Breakfast & lunch were included. (Caveat: the price is higher on Saturday & Sunday, and you have to buy in advance of arrival.)

Next: AMENITIES. Access to elephant ears, Chevrolet and Cadillac sponsored clothing & items, other racewear, and family activities center all available for free. However, you will pay for what you eat or purchase. Getting to these vendors is what is free.
Third: GRANDSTANDS. Yes, absolutely, totally free! The only exclusions might be for some special seating areas for the handicapped.

Fourth: PADDOCKS. Again, without reservation. We can walk wherever we want, unbridled.

Fifth: CHALETS. Sorry. These areas require connections or money. The chalets are set up around the Belle Isle Fountain, which Mr. Roger Penske himself promises will be flowing on Race Day Sunday. The upscale eats nearby (presumably provided by Andiamo’s) are available only to the credentialed.

Finally: END OF DAY CONCERT. Yup. Free as a bird! Just visit the Motorcity Casino Hotel Entertainment Stage in the Meijer family Fun Zone. (Yes, here everything has a sponsor, even the bridges).

DGP 2012 Free Prix Day 037
  Daytona Prototype Racecar
DGP 2012 Free Prix Day 049
Paddock Area
DGP 2012 Free Prix Day 050
Ship Passes on Detroit River in Rear
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