Lessons in Paddock Attendance

Detroit Grand Prix 130

One of the big surprises for those with little experience attending races at events like the Detroit Grand Prix is observing the masses of people who visit the paddocks.

Somehow, the unexperienced race fan expects that few would pay the extra to see tractor trailers with car parts.  But that is so incorrect!  They come because of those fabulous race cars,  the drivers, the team members, and the excitement!

We set up a small table in front of our trailer, to pass out Hero Cards and Posters of our car, the Matick Chevrolet sponsored Victory Red #46 Team MBR Corvette, and families and individuals came from all over.

I have included a picture of vehicles moving through the paddocks, and a photo of just the crowds.  The amazing crowds!

Detroit Grand Prix 133
Detroit Grand Prix 022
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2 Responses to Lessons in Paddock Attendance

  1. Steve says:

    I like the Corvette Blog banner in the picture.

    • Bill Connell says:

      Thanks, Steve. This was one of our first public appearances for our new CorvetteBlog banner. Ryan’s design is very appealing.

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