Matick Chevrolet Well Represented at Corvette Corral at Grand Prix

DGP Day 2 038

These seventeen Corvettes with Matick Logos paraded to the Detroit Grand Prix, and then lined up together in the Corvette Corral.  Frankly, it was pretty impressive!

The most cars I saw in the Corvette Corral at one time was 65, but I'm sure that with the comings and goings throughout the day, there were surely more than a hundred cars that came.  The Camaro Corral was also pretty well attended, but not like the Corvettes.

DGP Day 2 039
DGP Day 2 037
DGP Day 2 036
DGP Day 2 035
DGP Day 2 034
DGP Day 2 033
DGP Day 2 032
DGP Day 2 031
DGP Day 2 030
DGP Day 2 029
DGP Day 2 028
DGP Day 2 027
DGP Day 2 026
DGP Day 2 025
DGP Day 2 024
DGP Day 2 023
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2 Responses to Matick Chevrolet Well Represented at Corvette Corral at Grand Prix

  1. davy says:

    The C6′s are well represented in your photo. You’d think the past generations went extinct.

  2. Paul says:

    Davy, you would defintely think that but, many of the loyal Matick customers who joined us for the day are also owners of some beautiful “old” Vettes. You can count a black ’63 Roadster, red ’71 Vert, ’63 Splitback, yellow ’03 Z06, as some of the classics “in the family”. With the threat of rain that day, most folks brought their drivers.

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