One of a Kind 1954 Corvette Woody Roadster Pickup

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Every Corvette has its story! Any time I visit any kind of an event that draws Corvettes, I discover another amazing story. Yesterday at the Detroit Grand Prix, I met George Prentice, retired from the General Motors Design Staff, and as hard a hardcore Corvette fan as they come! George had parked his Corvette in the Corvette Corral, and I passed it as I arrived.

At that point in the morning, it was the only Corvette here that was not a C6. It was also the only Corvette here that was covered with a tarp. I was to soon find out why. When the rain gave us a brief reprieve, I went over to look at his car more closely.

It was then that I saw the significant design change. You're looking at this picture, and saying, how could I have missed this modification? I had only seen the front, upon arrival. Years ago, George had the idea to remove the decklid and create an insert fabricated from mahogany, that would transform his car from roadster to woody roadster pickup. As a designer, he had the vision, the plan, and the friends to make it all happen. The transformation was completed in February 1994, and it showed in Detroit's Autorama shortly thereafter.

The insert weighs less than 100 lbs, and is bolted to the spare tire cover. The wood is covered with polyurethane, and is waxed periodically. This car is no trailer queen, as George has averaged 750 miles per year over the 42 years he has owned it. In addition, the first owner drove some 59,000 miles on it. Total mileage is about 91,000 now. CorvetteBlog salutes the ingenuity and vision of George Prentice, a Corvette enthusiast's enthusiast!

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