Update on Optional Z30 Stripe Package

Detroit Grand Prix 099

Previously, we had announced the constraint of the optional Z30 Stripe Package that delayed ordering or delivery of orders of some 427 Convertibles.  Today, we have breaking news that this option will not be constrained for much longer!

According to GM Quality Manager Art Spong (who is pictured here, speaking to visitors to the Corvette Corral at the Detroit Grand Prix on Saturday), demand for 427 Convertibles with Z30 outstripped supply.  A second supplier has been brought on line, and relief is just around the corner.  Art predicted that the constraint should be lifted by the end of next week.  In the pictures, Art was explaining to eager listeners the creation of the 427 Convertible from the Grand Sport and Z06 parts bins.  The only serious challenge was in re-routing battery cables to a rear location, to make room for the dry sump in the engine compartment. 

Detroit Grand Prix 100
Detroit Grand Prix 101
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  1. Bob Brown says:

    Will the Z30 option be available through dealers? Will a gray stripe fit and match the 2011 Grand Sport fender slash marks?

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