Woodward Warehouse Grand Opening


There is a new business in Royal Oak, Michigan, that should have great appeal to classic car and automotive enthusiasts.  The Woodward Warehouse will have its Grand Opening on Saturday, June 23.  Doors are open from 3 to 8 PM.  You are invited.

There are a number of helpful links to get the skinny on this fabulous Man Cave type setting.  Owner Joe Polito, who himself owns about a half dozen classic and newer Corvettes, envisions the Woodward Warehouse as a place that can be rented for use for private or corporate parties.

The May-June issue of dBusiness features the location in an article called Dream Station.  According to the article by R.J. King, memberships can be purchased on a monthly basis.  In addition to access, there is also a car storage option.

I met Joe last summer at America's Corvettes, when he was displaying his gorgeous C2 in the annual August all Corvette show, put on by America's Corvette Club of Michigan.  This show is held at the Alpine Ski Center in White Lake.

This "warehouse" would be a great place to hold a Corvette Club meeting, or as a setting for a fundraiser for a Corvette Club's charity.  Frankly, car enthusiasts of all stripes will likely appreciate it.  Check it out!

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  1. Paul says:

    Joe bought a Volt from Matick Chevy, too. Good guy, best of luck

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