2012 Corvettes at Canterbury Show

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I attended the Corvettes at Canterbury Show in mid-June, and had a great time, as I have had so many times before.  GMC Corvette Set, sponsors of this show, clearly put much time and effort into this event every year, and they are to be commended for it.

I am pretty sure it was a first for this meet, but they provided a separate Show 'n Shine type competition for their own club members this year.  Since I was competing myself for prizes in the modified C6 class with a Torch Red Callaway Corvette, I spent much of the morning trying to get my car detailed for a First Place finish.

After I walked through the entire field of competition of those who had paid the entry fee, and after lunch, I reviewed all the club member cars, seeking my selection for winner of People's Choice Award.  My approach was to find a car that spoke to my inner Corvette.  I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I hoped I'd recognize it when I saw it.

And then I saw this 1967 Corvette Sting Ray.  I loved the way it looked!  Although it was under the shade of a massive tree, the Rally Red paint was bright and lustrous.  The wheel openings in the fenders were clearly modified to give the car an aggressive look.  Every piece of chrome was beautiful.  The look was awesome.

While I was engaged in enjoying it, the owner approached me, to share his delight with me about the car, and to tell me the amazing story behind it.  John & Kathy Mollo love this car - enough to have bought it twice!

Originally, the car was painted Sunfire Yellow, with a Black Stinger on the hood.  They bought it in Columbus, Ohio in 1996, but sold it four years later to a man from Atlanta, Georgia.  Some seven years after that, John was in Atlanta, and couldn't resist the urge to check on his baby.  It turns out that the newer owner was looking to sell it, and John ended up buying the car again.

Since then, the suspension has been lowered, the mini-flares were created over the wheels, American Racing Wheels have been added, and the car has been bathed in 6 coats of Rally Red and 5 coats of clear (the secret of all that lustre)!

The original 427 engine had been destroyed many years ago, but the car now relies on adequate (OK, more than adequate) power from a 454 crate engine with 425 horses!

I wasn't the only one to vote for this pretty car, either.  At the end of the day, it did take home the People's Choice Award.  Congratulations to John & Kathy for a fine job, a beautiful car, and favoring me with the time to share their great story!

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John & Kathy
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  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve always had a thing for the mid 60′s big block cars. The hardtops in particular. This one is a real jem, just perfect.

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