Chevrolet Announces Corvette Incentive Programs

2013 427 Convertible Velocity Yellow
2013 427 Convertible in Velocity Yellow

Chevy is hot this summer, and has now announced these hot offers on Corvette:

2012 Corvettes: $1,500 in Dealer Cash and special financing rates of 0% for up to 60 months and 2.9% for 72 months.

2011 Corvettes: $4,000 in Rebates.

USAA Private Offer: If you are a member of United Services Automobile Association, you are entitled to an extra $750 rebate.

Non-GM Lease Conquest Offer: If you have a current Non-GM lease in your household, you can receive $2,000 towards a Corvette. You do not need to turn in the lease, and it can be in the name of anyone residing where you title the car.

GM Employee Vehicle Allowance (GM Discount): If you qualify for the GMS Discount, you will receive $3,500 towards a purchase or $2,500 towards a lease of a 2012 Corvette.  The amount is $2500 in both cases on the 2013 model.  The amount is $3500 on 2011 models.

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2 Responses to Chevrolet Announces Corvette Incentive Programs

  1. William Eason, Jr. says:

    Kerbeck of N.J. is offering much much better deals than that on the 2012 and the 2013, I am waiting on the 2014 C-7 Vette myself and sell or trade my 2009 C-6

    • Bill Connell says:

      Sometimes,of course, dealerships do offer better deals than what is announced by the Factory, but we need to know what they are doing first.

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