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Dragovich Chevelle A

From time to time, when CorvetteBlog is on the road, we do a contest.  For example, last month at the GM Nationals at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, we had a drawing for a $250 Visa Gift card.

Quite a number of people said they wouldn't give me their name and email address for a chance at $250 with no strings attached.  Their reason: "I never win anything."  I would say to them: "You won't, if you don't enter!"

One of the people who stopped by the Callaway Cars tent on Manufacturer's Midway, and then did  enter our contest was Troy Dragovich of Pennsylvania.  When notified of his win, Troy wrote me:

"Thanks....  I am ... in the process of restoring a 64 Chevelle, and make it a point to attend all of the Carlisle shows and support the vendors there.  Here are a few photos of my "in progress" car, (so) feel free to use them in any way that you like.  Thanks for sticking with the GM Nationals....."

Troy, thank you for attending the exciting events at Carlisle, and stopping by our booth. Let us see some photos of the Chevelle when you are done, and please keep us in mind when you or a friend need a newer sweet ride like a Corvette or other Chevrolet.  We'll do our best to see you're pleased!

Dragovich Chevelle B
Dragovich Chevelle C
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3 Responses to CorvetteBlog Contest Winner

  1. I have always wanted a Corvette. That would be an awesome gift.

  2. Greg Allushuski says:

    My first time. Excellent stuff. Sign me up.
    One thing–how about more on older Corvettes?

    • Bill Connell says:

      Love the idea of including more on people’s passions for their older ‘Vettes and what inspired them to purchase a ‘Vette. Stay tuned!

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