Corvette’s Sixtieth Birthday?

427 Convertible 067
2013 Corvette 427 Convertible

June 30, 1953 was the day on which the original Chevrolet Corvette was revealed.  This birthday is being celebrated in a number of ways this year.

There was Drive Your Corvette to Work Day on Friday.  See our story.

A number of stories have been done elsewhere, including:

But, do the math.  Technically, the Corvette is not 60, but 59 (and a few days)!  So, why then all the shouting about the 60th?  Because 2013 Corvettes are already arriving at dealerships.

In fact, perhaps the best way to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary (not sixtieth birthday) of the Corvette is to buy one of these sweet 60th Anniversary versions of the Corvette.  The one pictured is sitting in our showroom has both the 60th Anniversary Design Package and Stripe Package, and is looking for a home.  If interested, give us a call at 313-531-7100.

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