Danny Kellermeyer at GingerMan Raceway

Gngerman Raceway Trip 046
DJ Race Enterprises Paddock

Not only did Danny Kellermeyer welcome me to spend time with him over the weekend at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan, but he allowed me to assist him on his pit crew (in a small way).  Frankly it was my first time with the headphones, and it was a real hoot!

Danny's #37 C6 Corvette, together with his C5 and the #85 C5 Z06 owned by Norm Betts, are shown in Danny's paddock area.  The cars were inspected between practices, qualifying, and racing.  These men enjoy what they do, and give themselves enthusiastically to the chores of their hobby.  Placing well, like first in class and second overall on Saturday for Danny, is all frosting.

Two other Corvettes were observed at the track on Saturday, but I did not get to speak with their drivers.  One was all Black, and the other painted in a patriotic theme (very sharp).

I look forward to spending more time at these two mile tracks, and learning the hobby.  Check my recent post on racetracks like this.

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2 Responses to Danny Kellermeyer at GingerMan Raceway

  1. John Connell says:

    Some of these photos won’t expand to their HD versions, especially the two with people in them. I wanted to get a good picture of the dude with the blue headphones, but alas!

    PS I’ve noticed that this happens periodically on other Corvette blog pages. It’s great to be able to blow them up, but often the one I want to see, won’t!

    • Bill Connell says:

      I have noticed a few small irregularities like this since we switched over to CorvetteBlog 2.0 about two months ago. Obviously, we apologize for that, and appreciate your letting us know, so that we can at least attempt correction.

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