Distinctive C3 Corvette

DJ Race Canterbury Show 063

One of the cars I loved at last month's Corvettes at Canterbury is this sweet 1979 L-82 Coupe.  It grabbed my attention when I saw the license plate: 1FASVET.  I had to inspect more closely to see why.  And, yes, it is "fas"!

The owner, Jim Cavellier, came into possession of it only recently, but in the short time he has had it, he has transformed it from being "just another C3" to a beautiful,  fascinating, and powerful vehicle.

I say "just another C3" because, as you may be well aware, Corvettes were seriously underpowered for a number of years after the Environmental Protection Agency came into existence with a mandate to tinker with (and defang) all automobiles sold in America.

This car is not - let me put it this way: distinctly not - one of those which are an embarrassment to the hobby.  While the original, optional, higher powered V8 with 4 barrel carburetion for Jim's car would have been just 225 horsepower, this new owner has rebuilt with a much more muscular 385 horses coming from this now 383 cu. in. block.  The engine was rebuilt just this past winter, so Jim has a few moments now to enjoy his car on the sunny days of southeastern Michigan.

Thanks for sharing your story with me, Jim.  Enjoy!

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