Buckle In and Take a Sneak Peek at Our New Ads

We are proud to present our new commercials — Fast Happens Here. The trio reflects the Matick Chevy team's expertise in Corvettes and performance vehicles. Watch closely and you'll see racecar driver Jeff Nowicki driving a Matick-sponsored  Vette at the recent Grand Prix at Belle Isle. We're also sponsoring driver/owner Danny Kellermeyer of D.J. Race Enterprise this year. Incidentally, with the Corvette's 60th anniversary right around the corner (2013), this is an especially exciting time for Matick and for America's iconic sportscar. 

Corvetteblog.com is fueled by Matick Chevrolet, one of Michigan's largest Corvette retailers and exclusive Callaway Cars dealership. Take a look at all three of these spots, then zip on over to Matick and see these beauties in person — we've got one with your name on it ... 




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  1. Dave says:

    It is hard to believe that is has been 60 years for the Corvette. They have changed so much over the years but the one thing that has not changed is peoples interest for them. As the Corvette continues to amaze us, I am ready to see what they will look and feel like in another 15 years I could only imagine after another 60 years.

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