No Longer Speculation: Real C7 Front & Rear Clips

Once again, the Internet is abuzz with Corvette C7 insights!

Omega Tool Reveal A

As reported yesterday by Jalopnik, Omega Tool, supplier to General Motors, created a video to demonstrate how they can mold complicated body panels.  They attribute the panels to the C6 Corvette, but it is clearly the C7 Corvette that we see!

Enjoy the 2 minute video, which also briefly includes the inside of the rear clip.  We still can't see everything we want to see, but what we see must be real.

Separately, will Omega get in trouble for this revelation, or could Chevrolet have shamelessly put them up to it?  What do you think?

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4 Responses to No Longer Speculation: Real C7 Front & Rear Clips

  1. Tuna Dobbins says:

    Did you get your “remove content” letter from Omega yet?

  2. Bill Connell says:

    When you try to link to Jalopnik, you will see that the video has been “made private.”

  3. mgayheart says:


  4. Troy Mitchell says:

    I hope that’s not what the tail lights are going to look like. They took them off a Camaro.

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