Time Running Out for Heart-Pounding 7.0L V8 Corvette Convertible

Matick 427 Convertible
Lydia admires a Matick 427 Convertible

Well, actually, what Doug Guthrie wrote in Thursday's Detroit News was: ... if you want a Corvette convertible with a good old-fashioned ground-pounding V-8 that's this big, time is running out.

And he's likely right!  The highly anticipated C7 Corvette will arrive in fall 2013 as a Base Coupe.  Roll out of the other models (especially those with greater performance) may take some time.  One supplier told me not to expect the C7 Convertible until the 2015 model year!

Then, will Grand Sport follow, or the Z06?  Will there ever be a ZR1 again?  Is there any chance of another 427 Convertible?  As our friend Greg says here at the dealership (about promises in general), "stay tuned!"  We may not know for quite a while.

For some months (read here, here, here, and here) we have been giving you details about the beautiful 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible.  Get 'em while you can!  The one pictured above is available now, at 313.531.7100.  Mention CorvetteBlog when you call.

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Also available inTorch Red
2013 60th Anniv Wheel
2013 60th Anniv Wheel
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427 Convertible Interior
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4 Responses to Time Running Out for Heart-Pounding 7.0L V8 Corvette Convertible

  1. Paul says:

    You want insider info? Here you go:

    Base C7 Coupe/Convertible: 6.2L DOHC, VVT, V8 530hp, choice of 7-speed manual or DCT transmission. Weight is 3185 pounds. 0-60 in 3.3 sec (7 speed) and 3.0 sec (DCT) Interior quality will be that of a Cadillac CTS-V with a traditional dual cockpit design with (take a deep breath) a 2+2 configuration. Yes, the base C7 will have small back seats (similar to Porsche). However, take a deep breath, there is a factory delete option for those of you who do not want the rear seats. Resulting from extensive market research was the fact that most young professionals do not buy corvettes, not because they don’t appeal to them, but because they are not viewed as family friendly (i.e. can only accommodate two people). Therefore, the intention for the 2+2 design was to appeal to a larger demographic (i.e. young professionals with children) Seats are Recaro (similar to the ones used on the Nissan GTR). Jalopnik is accurate (minus all the visual functional vents) but proportions/overall looks are off in the illustrations. That being said, the Camaro comparisons will stop when the car is seen in person. When you see it in person, you will think you are looking at a Ferrari (think Ferrari 599 but more aggressive) Approx $60-70k price depending on options you choose. This base C7 has outperformed the C6 ZO6 at the Milford Proving ground track (with full camo on it!!). I was there and I was shocked at how easily it handled the C6 Z06. Finally, and this should make you traditionalists happy, the base C7 model will reintroduce the “Stingray” nameplate. Yes, the base Corvette will be call “Stingray” (all one word like the C3 Corvette generation not “Sting Ray.” The standard Corvette cross-flags will be used (the transformers emblems will not be used). This Corvette, from a technology and design standpoint, will appeal to young professionals. The Stingray name is being used to reintroduce the legendary corvette brand to a new generation of enthusiasts.

    Grand Sport (aka widebody Corvette): Will not be produced. The C7 generation will not have a wide-body variation. There will only be one body.

    Corvette Z06: This will shock most people, but the ZO6 nameplate will not be used for the C7 or C8 generation. Keep your C6 427 Z06/427 Convertibles!!! C6 427s are expected to become collectors items. No more 427s…ever. No more naturally aspirated pushrod motors for GM.

    Corvette ZR1: 6.2L Twin Turbo V8. 730hp. Available with 7-speed transmission or a re-geared DCT transmission. 0-60 in 2.9 sec (7-speed) and 2.7 sec (DCT). Will not be a wide-body but will have more aggressive styling to include what you are seeing on the Jalopnik renderings. Interior is similar to base model C7 with lighter seats, door panels, and more use of carbon fiber. All ZR1s will be two seaters (no rear seats on the ZR1). The car weights 2989 pounds! How? Through the use of carbon fiber roof (which is painted this time)/fenders/hood/rear hatch/and even doors! There is extensive use of aluminum, nano steel components, lexan rear window like Porsche GT2/3 rs. Floorboards are nano steel vice carbon and balsa wood. Overall engine and transmission weight is down 75 pounds (50 pounds with DCT). Initial tests (in full camo) suggest it is the 2nd fastest production car EVER tested behind only the Bugatti Veyron. Price: 120k-140k depending on options.

    • Bill Connell says:

      This is clearly full of insider information, which I cannot otherwise confirm, but it has a certain ring to it. Thanks, Paul!

    • Dave says:

      Sounds like a great plan with the rear seats, though, given there size I doubt it will be all that family friendly (doubt it will fit a car seat). Where GM really failed was the Camaro. The car is huge and they could have easily put a “real” rear seat in it and still keep the retro two-door look (do some suicide-type doors ala the RX-8). Instead its a cramped interior, with lots of wasted space and isn’t at all family friendly.

  2. Windwalker says:

    That sounds like pretty ‘insider’ info to me as well. It also sounds like good news.

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