2012 Woodward Dream Cruise a Big Success

Club Banner Facing Woodward Avenue

Readers of this blog may recall that the 2011 edition of the Woodward Dream Cruise, held just north of Detroit, was threatened by storms much of the day, and was actually smitten by serious thunderstorms before the afternoon was even over.

This year, the event was blessed by awesome weather, probably the best ever in the dozen or so iterations of the event.  The sky was baby blue, the clouds were cumulus, the temperature was comfortable, and there was a pleasant light breeze for much of the day.

As a result, with numbers from the Detroit Free Press, some 40,000 cars came to congregate and parade.  The crowd was estimated at 1.3 million.

I spent most of my day with America's Corvette Club just north of 16 Mile Road.  We rented a property there, and had thousands of cars to enjoy as they zoomed by in the morning, and inched by bumper-to-bumper in the afternoon.

I brought a Torch Red 2011 Callaway Grand Sport Convertible for the event, a vehicle you can see near the curb in some of these pics.

ACC Club w Callaway
Callaway at South End of Lot
Canopy Area at North End
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