Corvette Fans Braved the Elements at Corvettes America Show

If there is one thing to be said about Corvette owners, it’s that they aren’t afraid of a little rain. Really! A good turn-out of 'Vette owners (and their 'Vettes, of course) showed up at Alpine Valley Ski Area in White Lake on Saturday for the Corvettes America Show, in spite of the persistent drizzle and chilly gusts. The cars ranged in age, color, and extras, and they were set up in a caravan style for all to see.

In addition to the owners, there were many sponsors and vendors braving the elements. Members of the America's Corvette Club of Michigan, host of the event, were very happy to have such a decent turn-out, given the weather conditions. 

Among the lot were folks from our Matick Chevy (we were a sponsor of the event), as well as Cauley Performance Automotive and our racing partner, D.J. Race Enterprise. A big draw in the Matick area was the fully loaded red Callaway-enhanced 'Vette.  Jeff Nowicki, a Matick-sponsored, local Corvette racecar driver from Birmingham who recently competed in events at the Belle Isle Grand Prix, also joined in on the fun, as did his "best friend," Woodward (a sweet little Beagle).

Larry Courtney, Michigan captain of the 20th Anniversary National Corvette Caravan, also was on-hand, showing off the U.S. flag-wrapped 'Vette, of which Matick is now a sponsor. (With the recent Olympics and our unbelievably skilled athletes achieving so many Golds ... it's a very red-white-and-blue time, to be sure.)

For those who joined us at the show, thank you for helping to prove that cars nor people melt in the rain.  

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