Corvettes America Show

Awarding a Prize D
Bill awards a prize

Not a washout, but inclement weather limited the attendance on Saturday, both of cars seeking to win prizes and drivers-by looking for a fun outdoor event.

Nonetheless, competitions were held, prizes were awarded (see the photos), and if you had a light jacket and a cap, most of the time, it was fun.

The selection of silent auction items was great, and there were real deals for many.

An improvement in food vendors made lunch more enjoyable than last year.  Bakers, Happy's Pizza, and Jacques Tacos provided a nice selection for a light lunch.

Michigan-based Corvette Central was the major Corvette parts facility, and American Custom Industries were present with a wide variety of composite body panels, all in white.

We have to admit that there was a smaller variety of Corvettes present this year, but there were still a good number of Corvettes from all generations for viewers to enjoy.  I imagine Corvettes America will shine again with the return of the sun in August 2013.

Awarding a Prize C
Awarding a Prize
Awarding a Prize B
Awarding a Prize
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