Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints


427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Hood Logo
427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Hood Logo

CorvetteBlog is first to provide the complete list of current constrained items when ordering 2013 Corvettes this week.  Corvettes ordered this week will be built Sept. 17-20.

28U Inferno Red is on Material Restriction for a period of time greater than 4 weeks.  This is a Buildout Restriction, meaning that the color will no longer be available for ordering.

There are two additional constraints:

Q6B 20 Spoke Chrome Aluminum Wheels: this is a Material Restriction from the manufacturer of this wheel, a matter they expect to not be resolved within 4 weeks.

427 Convertible (all trim levels): this model is on Material Restriction, a matter they expect to not be resolved within 4 weeks.

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4 Responses to Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

  1. Tuna Dobbins says:

    427 Convertible – did they finally run out of LS7 engines?

  2. John Smith says:


    I have three C3 Corvettes plus a Holden Commodore and a Holden Cruze which is a right hand drive version of the Chevrolet Cruze. I would like a new Corvette but you cannot register a LHD car in Australia if it is less than 25 years old. There is a HUGE market in the RHD world for a FACTORY built RHD Corvette, not just Australia, but Great Britain, Ireland, India, Indonesia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc. that surely justifies GM building a RHD version of the world’s best left hand drive sports car. Can you use your influence on the right people at GM please?

    I’ve spoken to Harlan Charles, Dave McClelland, Dave Hill and Jim Cambell on several occasions, but so far to no avail. With the low sales volume of the car in recent years, surely a RHD version would boost sales by several thousand. Just do it.

    Yours Sincerely.

    John Smith aka “aussiejohn”

    • Tuna Dobbins says:

      Maybe it’s time for Australia to change their rules and let LHD cars be registered there. Here in the good ole USA, we have both and they are new and old vehicles.

      The US Post Office drives RHD vehicles every day here. Ditto some of the rural Post Office delivery people. I was a pretty new Jeep recently that was RHD drive here in Oklahoma being driven by a post office delivery lady.

      So, RHD and LHD seem to mix just fine here. Why not in Australia also?

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