24 Hours of LeMans Class Winning Corvette Featured in “The Quest” Movie

In 1960, for the first time ever, the Chevy Corvette competed against the storied European race cars at 24 Heures de LeMans in France.And in that same outing, the Number 3 Corvette won its class!This was a great achievement, now some 52 years ago.One individual, a young man named Chip Miller, dreamed of some day owning that winning car, and taking it back for the 50th anniversary of the win in 2010.Chip was to see part of the dream realized.He and his associates would find and restore the car, but his life would be cut short by a rare cancer some years before that fiftieth anniversary of the win.His son, Lance, then made that dream his own, and saw it all fulfilled.This weekend, we saw the car at the Funfest, and had an opportunity to see the documentary entitled "The Quest.". It was very well done.I highly recommend it for all Corvette racing fans, and for anyone looking for a G Rated film that espouses good family values.



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