Prizes, speakers and test drives headline Matick’s Open House!

Corvettes are rolling in to our George Matick Chevrolet faster than the veggie dip is disappearing. Former Chevy engineer (now retired) Charles Beckham parked his sleek black beauty, and then shared that he's had more than a dozen over the years. "This is a nice event," he noted, while looking at various 'Vettes and chatting with other connoisseurs. "The design of a 'Vette is really art," he explained, thinking back to his days as an engineer for GM. 

 A Soooobad plate pulls into Matick for the Open House.

Meanwhile, Mike Yaramus of Woodhaven, who bought a 1995 Corvette from Matick, reports that his 'Vette had around 10,000 miles on it when he purchased it, and now over 310,000 memorable miles.

"If you're going to have one, you've got to drive it," said Larry Courtney of Warren, MI, while checking out the "sooobad" super-charged Callaway. Courtney is Michigan captain for the 2014 Corvette Caravan, which heads to Bowling Green next August. "I drive ours more than he does," adds Courtney's wife, Verna. The Courtneys are here with their USA flag-wrapped Corvette (Matick is one of the sponsors of this truly patriotic vehicle).

cort and molly 1
Cortney Peters and Molly Williams prep prizes.

While patrons ogled 'Vettes and enjoyed Plum Market goodies, Matick Chevy's Ryan Esler announced the first winner of the Open House — Dan Watts of Novi, MI. Watts, owner of a 2005 'Vette convertible, will take home a Danny Kellermeyer D.J. Race Enterprise T-shirt and a Corvette cleaning kit. The next winner was Howard Rundell, who will now sport a new Corvette hat. Meanwhile, Howard Hoover won a prize for having more Corvettes than anyone else who was attending the Danny Kellermeyer presentation part of the Open House. Hoover has owned 11 'Vettes in his life. Other attendeed that evening owned up to 19, but weren't present for this particular drawing. Way to hang in there, Howard!

Above: Lucky Dan Watts wins a D.J. Race T-shirt and Corvette cleaning kit. Middle: Jacquie and Howard Rundell of Northville, MI, are the second prize winners of the evening. Bottom: Howard Hoover wins a prize for owning more Corvettes than anyone else attending Danny Kellermeyer's presentation.



Congrats Mr. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Rundell and Mr. Hoover!

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