C7 Corvette Right in Front of Us, But What Do We See?

Automobile Magazine Spyshot
Automobile Magazine Spyshot 3/4 Front

I mean, seriously?  I'm glad for spyshots, but honestly, what can we learn about the C7 Corvette from a picture like this?

The one thing that occurred to me is that the sideview mirrors are definitely changed.  As you may know, the mirrors have been the same since the C5 in 1997.

Another spyshot - of the rear of the vehicle - confirms what we have seen before: the four exhausts side by side.

But there is so much material hanging over the body here, and it is designed to throw us off course as we try to discern a taillight here, or a door seam there.

Take a look, and read the Automobile Magazine story here, and tell us, what have you learned from these shots?

Automobile Magazine Spyshot Rear
Automobile Magazine Spyshot Rear
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2 Responses to C7 Corvette Right in Front of Us, But What Do We See?

  1. otto jefimenko says:

    looks like a c6

  2. Tuna Dobbins says:

    Mirrors are different? They don’t look much different from the C6 or C5 to me. A little different but not much. About like the difference between the C5 mirrors and the C6 mirrors – and they are different, just not much different.

    The spy shots show the rear exhaust bunched in the rear and hint at the different tail lights and hint at the sharper creases on the top of the fenders.

    If you look at the interior on all the different camo-cars, you’ll see different seat head rests between. What does that mean? Is one the sport seat and the other a ‘standard’ seat or are the test drivers just comparing before final selection for production?

    The wheels are different on the different prototypes also. Like you said, what can we really learn from these camouflaged cars?

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