Callaway Owners Group

Banner at Carlisle
Banner at Carlisle

Given that Callaway Cars has been celebrating its twenty five years of association with Chevrolet all this year, it was only appropriate for the owners of Callaway product to join together for a special celebration at Corvettes at Carlisle last month.  CorvetteBlog, of course, was there to chronicle the event.

The celebration included three aspects.  First, the car created to punctuate those twenty five years was there.  We have written about the 2012 Callaway Corvette 4LT B2K Car before, and the factory brought the prototype (the so-called "00 car") with them from Old Lyme, Connecticut for all to see and examine.  Also, Leonard Wiggins brought his "01" car   By the way, there are just four or five copies still available for sale from this most collectible run of just 25 units.  Call Bill at 313-532-2571 for information.

Second, the Callaway Owners Group  amassed some forty or more copies of their cars around a big white tent in the west end of the show field.  Vehicles rarely seen were visible to all. 

Third, on Friday night, Callaway Cars staff and owners from across the fruited plain joined together for a celebratory feast at a nearby Italian restaurant in Carlisle: Marcello's.  Co-Owner of Carlisle Events, Lance Miller, and his wife, Michelle, were present for the festivities.

Chris Chessnoe showed the history of the Callaway Corvette, with an ample supply of PowerPoint slides, and the affable founder, Reeves Callaway, addressed the crowd.  It was noted that Callaway Cars set two record years of sales in 2010 and 2011, and are looking to do the same again this year.

SC620 Engine
B2K's SC620 Engine

Leonard Wiggins B2K
Leonard Wiggins B2K
Leonard Wiggins B2K Description
Description of Wiggins Car

B2K Car Interior
B2K Car Interior

Row of Callaways
Row of Callaways
Randy Judy Flocks Callaway
Randy & Judy Flock's Callaway
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  1. Gurpreet says:

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    Thank you for this informative post.

  2. Dave H Molettiere says:

    I would like to know how to join the callaway covette owners club, i own a 1988 callaway corvette convt. with a auto. which there are only 16 of them, please let me know, thank you, dave

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