Corvette ZR1 Used to Deliver the Mail

corvette zr1 450
corvette zr1

Yes, mail, not male!

While this article is not yet available on the Internet, Ezra Dyer's Ignition Column is available now in the printed copy of the October 2012 Automobile Magazine.  "Going Postal" is a hilarious reverie on the theme of What If.....?

What if the United States Government, still primary owner of General Motors, pressed the Corvette ZR1 into service as the ubiquitous mail carrier of choice?  Would the consequences be good or bad?

Ezra assumes that postal carriers (remember when they were called mailmen?) park their vehicles away from the houses to which they will deliver because they are ashamed of their vehicles.  He writes, "That truck is so lame that he parks it at the end of the block and just walks door to door."

Although gas mileage when traveling in 30 feet increments slips a bit (try 2.9 mpg), especially when gunning to engine to show off, there are positive aspects to the experiment: "the citizenry is mostly amused to see their mail dropped off by a 205-mph wedge of plastic with an observation window in the hood."

Additionally, Ezra is quick to point out that the standard issue mail truck "sadly does not have carbon-ceramic brakes."  Too funny!

Buy a copy, and enjoy.

Links to Ezra's earlier compositions: at New York Times and Automobile.

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