Open house fun continues with four more lucky prize winners!

As this fun-filled evening winds down here at George Matick Chevrolet, excited attendees received the final Corvette prizes. Ray Zukowski of Madison Heights, MI, owner of a 2002 'Vette, left with a set of frosted Corvette rocks glasses, which he noted would make a great addition to his home bar. 

Ray Zukowski checks out his new prize. 

Zukowski isn't the only event-goer who went home happy tonight. Phil McGowan and friend Latoya of Detroit, MI, won a D.J. Race Enterprise T-shirt. They also received a high-end ballpoint pen and a bright yellow fleece throw, both adorned with the Corvette logo.  

Phil and Latoya clutch their new Corvette items with pride.
Tony, use that mouse to check out!

Lastly, Tony Cicciarelli took home a wireless Corvette computer mouse. (We can only hope that he'll use it to follow posts!) Tony, are you reading this? If so, a sincere thank you to you, and everyone else who joined us at the dealership for tonight's Corvette Open House. More events are on tap;  we can't wait to see our supportive customers and friends again! 

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