Top Speed Website Claims C7 Will Have Air-Conditioned Seats

Air Conditioned Seat Controls
Air Conditioned Seat Controls

These are not photographs, but they are clearly drawings taken from either photographs or someone's extremely detailed photographic memory.

One pic is a schematic of the C7 Corvette seat, showing four ports for cooling to enter the seat cushion.  The other pic shows the seat heating & cooling controls.

Critics have long lambasted Corvette seats.  This should help alleviate the scorn!

Less clear, but also included in this brief article, is a photo of the proposed Corvette engine, again in a styling of a photo.

Top Speed also has a brief video entitled, "Corvette C7 Visualization."  Take a look, but I think this is very homogenized, and I seriously don't think the tail lights could possibly look like this.

As we get closer to "the day," do you think we're getting any better of an idea of what she will be like?

Air Conditioned Seat Schematic
Air Conditioned Seat Schematic
C7 Engine
C7 Engine
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