Final Call for 2013 Corvette Orders

60th Anniversary 427 Corvette Convertible 2013
60th Anniversary 427 Corvette Convertible 2013

We have been warning about this for some time now: tomorrow, October 26 is the final day for Chevrolet dealers to present unallocated sold orders for 2013 Corvettes to General Motors, and be guaranteed that those cars will be built!

Larger Corvette dealers, like ourselves, will still have some allocation over the next two weeks, but then ordering will be closed.

If you, as a reader of, have been planning to order a 2013 Corvette, you should take action now!

All colors are still available with these exceptions: GLB Supersonic Blue Metallic and 28U Inferno Orange Metallic.

As far as the restrictions on 427 Convertibles that we have had almost all year, the factory is suggesting that your order of this model will likely be accepted and built.  They seem to be leaving a little wiggle room in case they get slammed.

So, this is the final call to action.  Order your 2013 Corvette now!  The dealership that sponsors this blog is dedicated to making the cost of ownership as reasonable as possible.  Call us today at 313-531-7100, mention that you read this post, and ask for a great price on a Corvette you plan to order today.

You can also email me at

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