Vetted TV Show to Begin Airing in January

Drew Walters Vetted
Drew Walters on Vetted

For years, we have considered Route 66 our unofficial Corvette themed TV show, but soon, we will have a show with the best Corvette pun possible right in the title: Vetted: a TV Series.

The promoters of the show recently contacted CorvetteBlog with a teaser video about the program, and it looks like it should be pretty sweet!  The show will be hosted by actor Drew Walters, who appeared on the now terminated TV show Friday Night Lights.

On their FaceBook page, they have posted:

"We will begin broadcasting in January 2013 on the SPEED Channel in Prime Time. The show is all about Corvettes, their owners, and their stories. We'll have Corvette Racing and we'll visit the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum. We'll meet famous people and their Vettes. We'll be visiting many Corvette Clubs along the way."

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6 Responses to Vetted TV Show to Begin Airing in January

  1. Tom DeMuth says:

    I’m an avid fan of the Velocity Speed channel looking forward to the new Vetted TV series. Even using the Extended Search option I haven’t been able to find the program schedule. Do you know when this will be posted?

    • Ron says:

      Hi, we looked through several posts on about it and didn’t find any info. We’d suggest you keep watching Speed TV’s website for details.

  2. I’ve been making and selling automotive apparel and accessories for more than 20 years and have been waiting for a show like this. I’ve had 36 Corvettes since buying my first one in 1978. I live and breath Corvette and sports cars and always will. I have an order pending for a C7 and will be the first one from my local dealer.

    I will watch your site and your show.

  3. Gary Bowler says:

    I had a feeling it was something I was doing wrong trying to find Vetted on Speed. What is the story ? Is it going to air or not?

  4. Ron Herman says:

    Guessing it is not going to make the January 2013 showing as promised?!?!

  5. Laura Skelton says:

    Where and When. Can’t find it. If you have decided not to air , you missed a good opportunity with the c7 coming out. You could have done a c1 to c6 generation ride …..yea.

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