GUEST BLOGGER CLAYTON MACKEY Finally purchases a ‘Vette after dreaming of them for 3 decades

Some of us are dreaming of a white Christmas. Others are dreaming of what the soon-to-be-unveiled C-7 will look like and how it will handle.

In this the most dreamiest time of the year and at the dawn of a new generation of Corvette designs, we cruise down memory lane with a variety of guest bloggers and their Corvette dreams.

These 'Vette aficionados are not unlike Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," who dreamed of owning an "Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!" Our "Red Ryder" is really a "red (or black, silver, yellow, you name it) rider."

The following post features special guest blogger Clayton Mackey of Clarkston, MI. He  shares Part II of his series of three posts (read Part I here).

“In the early 1990s I moved to Michigan to work for a supplier for the auto industry. I learned that every January, Detroit hosts one of the industry's premier auto shows — the North American International Auto Show (this year it runs Jan. 19-27).  I attended my first show in 1993. Cars gleamed, displays showcased exotic designs and the atmosphere was truly exciting.

As I walked to the Chevrolet display, something caught my eye. There was no hoopla surrounding it, nor a large platform to showcase it, but sure enough there was the most gorgeous black-on-black beauty I had ever seen — a ZR1. I sat in it and felt that it fit me like a glove. I remember thinking how I would like to drive that home. Then I got a look at the window sticker. Maybe I need to go back to dreaming about a base Corvette, I told myself.  

At about the same time, I was working on a transmitter design and was involved in testing our system for the new Corvette C5. I was able to see some of the development cars at  the General Motors proving grounds in Milford where we had access to a 1995 yellow coupe which we were using as a test vehicle for the new system. I had the chance to drive it occasionally. All of this certainly heightened my desire to purchase a Corvette. Sure I wanted a new C5, but my heart was set on that 40th anniversary coupe, plus I felt a used car would be more affordable.

By the fall of 1995, I started to look for a 40th anniversary coupe. I found one at a dealership. It was not as good as I had hoped for, and definitely needed tires.

1996 Collector Edition Coupe
1996 Collector Edition Coupe

Meanwhile, the dealership had the most gorgeous Collector Edition car in the showroom. I had to look at it, of course. It had the LT4 with 6 speeds and a light-gray interior. It had almost every option available and it was probably just what I would have ordered if I could have. At the time, my wife worked for a company that was partially owned by GM, so we qualified for employee pricing. We looked at leasing it for two years and that turned out to be more affordable than a used car,  so we jumped on it.

My dream had finally come true — I finally owned my first Corvette — a 1996 silver Collector Edition Coupe! It was early November … wouldn't you know it, it snowed the day we brought it home. In a couple of days, after the snow disappeared, we took it out to take some pictures. After that it went into the garage — my garage — until spring.”

So Clayton’s dream came true. But how long does a ‘Vette fan keep his first ‘Vette and what’s he driving now? Check out Clayton's third blog post next week.

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