Guest Blogger shares insights about owning 16 ‘Vettes.

Some of us are dreaming of a white Christmas. Others are dreaming of what the soon-to-be-unveiled C-7 will look like and how it will handle.

In this the most dreamiest time of the year and at the dawn of a new generation of Corvette designs, we cruise down memory lane with a variety of guest bloggers and their Corvette dreams.

These 'Vette aficionados are not unlike Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," who dreamed of owning an "Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!" Our "Red Ryder" is really a "red (or black, silver, yellow, you name it) rider."

The following post features special guest blogger/Michiganian Charles Beckham. We met Charles at one of our recent Corvette Open Houses, right here at George Matick Chevrolet. He will share his journey and love affair with the 'Vette in a series of  two posts. 

"This is the story of a 42-year journey with a string of 16 Corvettes. It began in 1970 with my purchase of a slightly used (5,000 miles) coupe, base 350/300 with no air conditioning. It cost me all of $5,300, which I borrowed from my local credit union six months after graduating from the University of Michigan.

That purchase started a long journey which brings me to today, 15 ‘Vettes later.  I loved each of them dearly and swore I was going to keep each one forever!

Needless to say, that didn’t happen, as circumstances such as finances, childbirth or simply the human desire to experience a new model and/or technology, pushed me into yet another step of the journey.

So what was and is my favorite color? And why do I prefer it over all others Surprisingly, the colors I chose over the years were not as varied as the number I owned; the basic colors were versions of gray, blue and white, with black being the most frequent color chosen.  There’s nothing like a clean, waxed, jet-black Corvette to stimulate one’s senses! 

One color I never chose was red – there’s something about a red sports car that is just a little bit too cliché’ for me.

As all true Corvette owners/lovers know, there is not another American-made car that provides the performance, handling, looks and exhilaration all in the same package.

Consequently, it’s next to impossible to decide which of my 16 'Vettes was my most favorite. Was it my first – a 1970 dark blue coupe, 350/300 automatic with no air conditioning, water leaks, rattles and a bone-jarring ride. Or is it my current love, a 2005, black automatic, 350/400, rattle free, no leaks, technology everywhere and performance that still pushes me back in the seat! Maybe it was my 1975, bright orange coupe with light saddle interior, 4-speed, that could be seen by all while I was miles away (police included!)."  

Check out Charles' next blog post to discover the highlight of his Corvette-owning "career." 

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