He captures a Callaway! Our guest blogger treasures his rare black top/manual transmission

Some of us are dreaming of a white Christmas. Others are dreaming of what the soon-to-be-unveiled C-7 will look like and how it will handle.

In this the most dreamiest time of the year and at the dawn of a new generation of Corvette designs, we cruise down memory lane with a variety of guest bloggers and their Corvette dreams.

These 'Vette aficionados are not unlike Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," who dreamed of owning an "Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!" Our "Red Ryder" is really a "red (or black, silver, yellow, you name it) rider."

The following post features special guest blogger Clayton Mackey of Clarkston, MI. He  shares Part III of his series of three posts (read Part I and Part II here).

2008 Callaway Pacecar Convertible 2
2008 Callaway Pace Car Convertible 

“Now that we were Corvette owners, thoughts turned to getting more. We just had to have a convertible to go with the coupe! When the next year rolled around, our finances looked good and they had the LeMans Commemorative Edition available, so we picked up a convertible version of this. We decided to lease again, as the hope was to move up to the new C6 once it came out.

It was great having both Corvettes in my garage — my only regret is that I did not get to drive them as much as I wanted. At the end of that lease, we were still not ready to get a C6. So, sadly, we turned it in and were back to only one Corvette, but it was my prized Collector Edition, so I survived.

By the summer of 2008, we were about ready to try our hand at a C6 when I learned that Callaway Cars (sold at George Matick Chevrolet) was now making a supercharged Corvette. I had a chance to drive one and that sealed the deal. This was by far the fastest car I have ever driven. On top of that, the 2008 model offered an Indy 500 pace car in both coupe and convertible versions with a total of only 500 cars made. This is a gorgeous pace car and one of the best special edition Corvettes ever. I had to have this car with the Callaway package because I knew how unique it was. 

It turns out it is more unique than we thought. The convertible pace car was supposed to have a grey top. The story goes that they ran out of grey tops and had to use black tops. All the cars built after race day (June 2008) were built with black tops so there were 44 black-top pace car convertibles that were made. Of those 44, only 11 of them had a manual transmission. The last I heard, there were only four 2008 pace cars converted to Callaways. Out of those, only one has a black top and manual transmission —mine!  It is an absolutely fabulous car capable of out- performing almost anything else made, and certainly more than worthy of being called a Supercar.

I cannot see myself ever living without a Corvette again.”

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  1. Greg Allushuski says:

    Hang onto that baby,but do drive it.

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