35 minutes and counting … we’re 50 feet from the ‘reveal!’

1/13/13 ... Deeee-troit! —  We’re exactly 35 minutes away from the big reveal! Corvetteblog.com folks are comfortably seated in two of hundreds of seats facing the stage with a big drop cloth. In front of the drop cloth is an awesome screen showcasing a video of Corvettes over the years, racing, touring, you name it.

Above the stage are dozens of photographers, lined up along a second-level railing, awaiting the big reveal.

Attendees are sporting everything from suits to glittery dresses (no, this is NOT the Charity Preview ... yet) to blue jeans and have arrived from all over the world to see the new C-7. Journalists, GM execs, dealer folks, engineers, tech nuts, etc. are idling among the exciting atmosphere.

We’ve got goose bumps just being here. Arriving to the site itself was like, well, going to a speakeasy in the 1920s (we're guessing). We knocked on one nondescript door here in the Russell Industrial Center in the warehouse district and were told to try another. So off we went, in the dark, rainy night, in pursuit of the reveal!

Ahhh, we found the door. Another nondescript entryway.  It’s pouring rain outside but that is NOT dampening the enthusiasm of what’s going on inside this cool warehouse. As we entered, servers were carrying trays full of drinks, champagne, red wine, you name it. Cheers to 60 years! Cheers to a new design! Executives from Corvette are mingling among the crowd, Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes are cranked, and we are READY!  

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