The Best of Everything is Here!!

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Mark Reuss talks about the new C-7 Stingray Corvette.

"It's the best of everything," said an insider tonight during the Corvette reveal. "God this car is cool!" he added. Indeed! Yes, and now it's heavy-heavy metal truly rocking the stage ... live heavy metal! It's about to be revealed ... and the announcer says, "57 percent stiffer, 7-speed manual, all-new framed seats, race-proven aerodynamics!"

It's revving up and rolling onto the stage, and now is parked next to the shrouded vehicle!! Nice!!! Gleaming, awesome! Red!  Hundreds of people clapping. Tears are filling so many of the attendees' eyes. It has taken the stage, and the car world, by storm ... "This is the new Corvette!"

Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, is talking about the car ... "it's the reason I work at GM." 

GM's Mark Reuss speaks to the media seconds after 'Reveal.'
GM's Mark Reuss speaks with WDIV's Guy Gordon.

Says Reuss: "I spent many years riding in the back of a car with my dad on the way to his work. I, like many of my coworkers, have always wanted to work" in the Corvette arena. "It raises the hair on the back of my neck. Through good times and bad for GM there was ALWAYS Corvette, demonstrating what it means to win, to be the best. Here comes the best Corvette EVER!" 

A frenzy of media can't wait to check out the new Stingray.

Of course, GM chose the gorgeous
red hue to present the new C-7. 

photo7new 1
A silver beauty takes center stage. Stunning!

"We are giving it a name that's synonymous with emotional performance, Stingray!!"

The rear is a beaut!

The designers are taking the stage. "Zero to 60  in under 4 secs!," they are saying. "This car, even in our early testing is fast! We transformed the driving performance in every way. Corvettes have changed FOREVER!"

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  1. WaaaaaaW , I like it soooooo Much , but i’m waiting for the ZO6 of C7

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