Supporting Cast: The All-New Beautiful C-7 Corvette Seats Feature Function & Finesse

"Adrenalin Red" is one of the color options for the C-7 seats.

"Every feature and detail in the interior is designed to enhance the driver’s connection to the Corvette. It starts with the fighter jet-inspired wraparound cockpit; continues to build with the smaller steering wheel, more supportive seats, and high-definition, configurable screens, and is finished in gorgeous materials."
— Helen Emsley, director of interior design

Thank you, Helen!  And what wonderful seats they are! As comfort is key for Corvette drivers, the C7's all-new seats are certainly something to write home about. Precise and elegant stitching complements the available Napa leather trim. 

Two seating choices will be offered: a GT seat for all-around comfort and a Competition Sport seat with more aggressive side bolstering, which provides greater support on the track.

The frame structure for both seats is made of magnesium for greater strength and less weight than comparable steel frames. They’re also more rigid, contributing to the enhanced feeling of support during performance driving.

Which colors do you like best? Below are from top to bottom: Brownstone, Gray, Jet Black and Kalahari. Let us know!

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