Learn How to Handle Your ‘Vette at April 13 Autocross Driving School

Michigan-based Corvette organizations leader and show organizer Larry Courtney reports the following news on driving clinics:

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Larry Courtney

Want to learn how to handle your Corvette better? Corvette Club of Michigan (CCM) presents its annual Autocross School and Practice Day Sat., April 13, at the General Motors Hamtramck Plant in Detroit. The event is open to all Corvette owners.

Eventgoers will have the opportunity to work with an experienced driver, who will teach Corvette handling skills, while driving the low-speed Autocross. Come back Sun., April 14, to run the course and build up your skills.

Registration — 9-10 a.m. Admission — CCM and National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) members admitted free; all others, $20.

Required — must wear M/SA2005 (or 2000 stickered 10 years old) helmet; loaners available.

Where — The GM Hamtramck Plant in Detroit is at I-94/Chene Street, just east of I-75.

Questions? Call Chris Scafero at (734) 748-9948, or email Scafero at cscafero@yahoo.com.

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