Danny Readies for May 25-26 Events at MIS; Gives Rides to the Media

Photo from The Jackson Citizen Patriot-mlive.com

Mlive.com writer Eric Hammis recently hung a bit of his laundry out for all to see. Actually, he wrote a story about feeling like laundry in a spin cycle when he rode around the Michigan International Sppedway (MIS) the other day with Matick Chevy-sponsored racecar driver Danny Kellermeyer.

His experience is fun to read about: "I had to strap on a helmet, climb through a roll bar and lock myself into a racing performance seat belt. It was a little tricky, but once Kellermeyer began hitting the sharp turns of the infield course, I quickly appreciated all the equipment." rel="lightbox351208"

The two hooked up on the MIS Media Day, a time for writers, broadcasters, photographers and others to sample the course. Its infield track hasn’t been used for nearly 30 years for a major sportscar event, so I’d say folks are in for a real treat come May 25-26. Part of the course will include MIS's big track.

On the first of those two days, qualifying races will take place, while a qualifying and a feature race will cap the event on the second day. Get there around 8 a.m. each day if you want to see all there is to see, including the Matick-sponsored flag wrapped Corvette pace car owned by 2014 Corvette Caravan Michigan captain Larry Courtney.

The race is sponsored by the Western Michigan Region of the Sports Car Club of America, which re-introduces multi-class, sportscar racing at the MIS infield course.
Ticket sales for the Memorial Weekend races will be available for pre-purchase only and tickets and information can be found at the club web site.

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