Danny Kellermeyer sets track record during three-win weekend

Danny getting ready
Danny Kellermeyer prepares for a race at Waterford Hill Raceway.

The competition proved fast and furious as the ground-pounders took to the track at Michigan’s Waterford Hills Raceway (WHRRI) on June 8-9 for Round 2 of their six-weekend season.

And it was D.J. Racing driver Danny Kellermeyer who stood proud at the winner’s podium after setting a new track record on day two in his Matick Chevrolet-sponsored Corvette.

Kevin and Danny
Crew Chief Kevin and Danny.

“I felt the conditions were just right in the morning if I could put together a good lap,” recounted Kellermeyer after the record-setting performance. This is his second season driving under the Matick Chevy logo. “The air was heavy. The track was cool and I had a good car with a great set of Hoosier tires. All I had to do is get some clean track and put it all together. Sounds easy, but it's hard to do.

“I didn’t think I had broken the threshold until I came in and they announced the new record of 1:14:05. That is about .4 sec under the old record. What an exhilarating finish, especially with fans all around to help celebrate my victory and the new track milestone,” said an exuberant Kellermeyer.

On Saturday, the touring class (Corvettes, BMW’s and Porsche) accounted for about half of the race group. Tony Mac (BMW) and Kellermeyer qualified on the front row. Other Corvette drivers, such as Tom Janos, Danny Jabouri and returning driver Tom Wallace (retired chief Corvette engineer) qualified right behind them.

Saturday’s race was spellbinding as Mac and Kellermeyer changed positions throughout the race, but it was Kellermeyer’s Matick Chevrolet- and Corvette Central-sponsored Corvette ahead as the checkered flag dropped.

“The racing was really exciting because the BMW, lighter by 500 pounds, has different lines and is faster in areas that I can’t be,” said Kellermeyer. “Of course, I am faster in other areas so it was really a good race. It looked like a three-car race as Jabouri maneuvered his Corvette right in there to challenge for the lead. You could have put a blanket over the top three cars at any time.”

There were two more action-packed races on Sunday, with Kellermeyer winning both, capping a memorable three-victory weekend for the effervescent Mr. D.

Kellermeyer sports an impressive record this season. Results for his first eight races at WHRRI and the Michigan International Speedway SCCA Nationals all have been podiums – five first-place wins, two second-place finishes and one third.

Kellermeyer and his Matick Corvette will race again at Waterford Hills on July 6-7 before competing in another SCCA Majors National Double on July 13-14 at the Gingerman Race Track in South Haven, Mich.

Danny and Megan
Megan Swoyer climbs inside the racecar.
Victory lap
Juli Brown rides along on a victory lap.


Danny with kids
Danny lets kids sit behind the wheel.
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5 Responses to Danny Kellermeyer sets track record during three-win weekend

  1. Brian Brown says:

    I would like to take this moment and congratulate Danny Kellermeyer on a wonderful weekend of racing and letting the brown family share in that experience with the victory laps and letting the kids sit in the car. We left the weekend with major smiles and happyness on wanting to go back the first weekend in July.

  2. Jeff Dahn says:

    Not bad for an old man!

  3. Maribeth says:

    Congrats to Danny! Cant wait to see him when he gets out here to GingerMan!

  4. David says:

    DJ Racing has the most complete notes of any race team I’ve ever seen. There are shelves in Danny’s office that hold a huge number of notebooks. Danny can tell you the tire pressures that he used in 1989 at the June Mid-Ohio race. You don’t have to be quite that good, but you at least need to try.

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