OnStar RemoteLink Now Available for Windows Phones 7 and 8 OS

OnStar RemoteLink Windows 01 medium
OnStar RemoteLink for Windows 

Good news for Corvette owners.

GM unlocked ‪‎OnStar‬ RemoteLink for Microsoft Windows phones today, making it the first remote telemetry app from an automaker to work on all four primary smartphone platforms - iPhone, Android, Blackberry and now Microsoft Windows phones.

‪RemoteLink‬ is available on both Windows Phone 7 and 8 operating systems. It's accessible in the Windows Phone Store on mobile devices. RemoteLink for Windows, like the Blackberry version, was written using HTML5 technology.

The RemoteLink Mobile App, which is available for nearly all GM models, has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times. The most common use of the app is checking vehicle data such as oil life, tire pressure and fuel level. These requests get made nearly 600,000 times every month.

The app will be available for OnStar subscribers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and will support four language options: US English, Canadian English, French Canadian and Spanish.

This expansion comes on the heels of the announcement that RemoteLink’s key-fob based features - remote start, lock, unlock and horn and lights activation – would be standard for five years on all new GM vehicles. This launch means that GM drivers with select Windows phones will be able to access RemoteLink key-fob features as well. The five years of standard remote key-fob services does not include access to additional OnStar services.

RemoteLink connects to a driver’s vehicle in a secure fashion, requiring a username and password to log in and a four digit PIN to make a remote vehicle command.

OnStar subscribers can download the application and visit onstar.com to enable remote commands.

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