Rev It! Corvettes America Show Gets Underway in White Lake, MI

The Bennetts of Livonia, MI, spiff up their 1958 beauty.

It’s 8 a.m. on Aug. 10 at Corvettes America in White Lake, MI, and already there are dozens upon dozens of ‘Vettes rolling in, all a rainbow of colors as music from various eras plays in the background (I'm a Girl Watcher from the 1960s seems to be a favorite, but we're thinking the folks here are more Wheel Watchers, than Girl Watchers).  

Matick Chevy, main sponsor of this much-anticipated extravaganza, is ready for the day beneath their blue-and-white tent with their powerfully engineered Callaway vehicles parked and shinier than the sun itself (darn, some of the Matick guys had to spend part of their Saturday morning driving , er, racing, these vehicles to the show — someone had to do it!).

Corvette owners are fastidiously polishing up their beauties with rags in-hand and their favorite polish. A quick chat with owners reveals that Mother’s Showtime instant detailer is among the preferred spruce-up polishes.

Marcia and Bob Bennett of Livonia, pictured here and winners of last year’s People’s Choice award, are working hard to enhance their already-spiffy vehicle. Maybe they’ll win an award this year, too! “You never know,” said Bob, whose 1958 drop-dead red ‘Vette truly is a "Showtime" showstopper.

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