See the 2014 Corvette in Production; Future C7 Plant Tours To Be Set

BGCorvetteBodyShop555 medium
Welding of the passenger compartment frame in the C7 Bowling Green Body Shop. (Joe Imel photo)

We've received lots of questions about when the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will resume tours of the Corvette Stingray production facility in Kentucky.

While the Corvette team has been focused on launching the new Stingray and shipping C7s to customers, as of last week they did not have a firm date when the plant tours would resume.

We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, this six-minute video provides a good preview of what the new plant tour might offer.

Plus, these production plant photos give you an inside look at the assembly line.

BGCorvetteAssembly115 medium
Operators install the hatch on a 2014 Stingray. (AJ Mast photo)
BGCorvetteAssembly062 medium
A Bowling Green operator installs a seat while assembling a 2014 C7. (AJ Mast photo)
BGCorvetteBodyShop078 medium
Resistant spot welding of aluminum in the Corvette Body Shop. (Joe Imel photo)
BGCorvetteAssembly198 medium
An assembly operator installs the right front wheel liner on a 2014 Corvette. (AJ Mast photo)
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One Response to See the 2014 Corvette in Production; Future C7 Plant Tours To Be Set

  1. Scott says:

    When I was in collage at WKU, we use to go to the Corvette Factory all the time and take the tour. Would love to see how the factory has changed since the early 90′s

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