Awesome Apparel Showcases His Corvette and Club

North Oaks Club Jacket
North Oaks Club Jacket

Nice jacket!

This Corvette owner shows off both his red convertible and his North Oaks Corvette Club on his jacket.

North Oaks sports 60 members from around northern metro Detroit who love to drive and have fun with their Corvettes. The club's big Corvette Generations Car Show is during the annual Birmingham, MI "Day On The Town" shopping event. The city's downtown streets are closed to traffic and the show vehicles line Old Woodward Avenue. It's quite a sight.

Matick Chevy is the club's Corvette dealer sponsor.

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2 Responses to Awesome Apparel Showcases His Corvette and Club

  1. Skip Hartlerode says:

    Cooool jacket! Great Corvette Club that is honored to have a sponsor like Matick Chevrolet.

  2. Al Steiger says:

    I look better from the back.

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