Callaway Cars Ready To Tweak Z06; Callaway Carbon ISO 9001 Certified

Callaway C 7 GT3
An example of Callaway's supercharging  -- the C7 GT3

Engineers at Callaway Cars are eager to start performance work on the 2015 Corvette Z06 unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week.

“With its supercharged LT4 engine and an array of new performance upgrades, this model will be an excellent base for Callaway’s ‘powerfully engineered’ packages. Our engineers can’t wait to get started with Z06 product development,” reports Chris Chessnoe, manager of the Callaway Dealer Program.

The Corvette Z06 will arrive in select Chevy dealer showrooms by early 2015.

“But Corvette lovers, chomping at the bit for 2015 Z06 performance, can purchase a supercharged Callaway Corvette immediately. They don’t have to wait until next year to own Z06 power. For those who simply must have a roadster, the absence of a Z06 convertible in Chevrolet's program doesn’t mean they can’t own one. The Callaway Corvette convertible gives them the ability to drive a supercharged Corvette convertible right now,” says Chessnoe.

“Next year, for customers that aren’t satisfied with the Z06’s power rating, we’ll offer Z06-based Callaway Corvettes that provide even more power and exclusivity,” he adds.

Optional Callaway Carbon aerodynamic components will deliver track-proven functionality and innovative styling. Since the Z06 is already factory-supercharged, the new Callaway Z06 packages may be priced lower than existing Callaway Corvette packages that include a supercharger and related equipment.

Callaway Z06s will be emissions-compliant and will retain the standard Callaway warranty and optional powertrain service contract.

Callaway’s exclusive dealer in Michigan is George Matick Chevrolet.


In related news, Callaway Carbon announced that it has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C standards by SAI Global, a leading global management systems certification body.

“Our businesses are well-known for their superior quality products and services,” says Reeves Callaway, Callaway Companies founder. “Now, ISO 9001 and AS9100C allow us to formalize Callaway Carbon's procedures and practices, underscoring our dedication to excellence.”

Callaway Carbon designs, tools and manufactures premium-quality structural and non-structural carbon components for military, medical, aerospace and automotive clients.

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management of businesses. AS9100C is the most recent quality management system for manufacturers of products in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. This standard supplements ISO 9001 with additional quality system requirements pertaining to DOD, NASA and FAA.

“Our investment in ISO certification shows our national and international customers that we're serious about the business of quality, consistency and responsibility,” says Adrian Corbett, Callaway Carbon's operations manager. “It's a demanding process, but it serves to assure our customer/partners that they can expect world-class customer service."

Callaway Carbon and Callaway Cars are two of the four core business units that comprise the Callaway Companies. The others are Callaway Engineering (which focuses on development of high-performance vehicles, systems, and components) and Callaway Competition (which designs, constructs and campaigns Corvette-based race cars for FIA and ADAC GT Masters racing series).

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  1. Proud to have the focused Car design, construct also campaign company named Callaway Cars. Keep it up and reach to highest success point.

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