Reeves Callaway Talks About The Cars He Loves To Supercharge

Callaway Corvette SC6120
Callaway Corvette SC610

From the December 2013 issue of Car and Driver Magazine.

What I'd Do Differently: Reeves Callaway

Founder of Callaway Cars in 1977, Reeves Callaway, 66, has blanketed America with 1800 modified Corvettes and more than a few peculiar engines.

C/D: Wasn't it odd for an Ivy League art major to become an engine builder?

RC: I convinced the professor that he needed me to put a 327 Chevy into his Jeep Wagoneer. That's how I passed art class.

Callaway Car 2
Callaway Corvette C7 FIA GT3

C/D: In 1973, you became an instructor for Bob Bondurant.

RC: Me and Sam Posey, David Hobbs, Nick Craw, and Jim Busby. Bondurant demanded two skills: Control the car from the right seat and speak after dinner. We took car dealers around the track. Oh, many nearly killed me. We evaluated the danger as too high. We all quit. Bob never forgave us.

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In Michigan, George Matick Chevrolet is the exclusive Callaway dealer.

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  1. Superb experience when you ride a Callaway Cars and extreme experience makes closer to hold it twice, thrice and so on.

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