How Do You Replace A Priceless One-Millionth Corvette?

Size of Corvette Museum Sinkhole
With the workers and Corvettes in the background you realize the size of this tragic sinkhole.

"How do you replace a priceless one-millionth or one-of-a-kind Corvette?"

That was among the questions asked at a National Corvette Museum press conference today.

We'll find out soon as work continues to fix the sinkhole that swallowed eight priceless Corvettes in the museum's Skydome exhibit area on Wednesday.

At the press conference, sources said the vehicles will be returned to the GM Tech Center in Warren, Mich., where Global Design Chief Ed Welburn's team will oversee any potential restoration.

It was not clear whether all eight vehicles involved in the sinkhole, or just the two special ones that were on loan from GM, or any of them due to possible extensive damage, will be returned to the Tech Center. The cars dropped about 20-25 feet into the sinkhole, some deeper.

Sinkhole project engineers said it will take two to three weeks before they are ready to retrieve the Corvettes without more damage once the sinkhole is stabilized.

Then it is projected to take four to six days to remove the Corvettes, after which they will begin to replace the earth lost in the sinkhole.

Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode said that the museum's 20th Anniversary Celebration and the National Corvette Caravan will not be affected. He anticipates the museum's Skydome to be fixed by this major event schedule for the end of August.

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