TOP GEAR Review: Corvette’s Stingray vs. Porche’s 911

Corvette vsPorsche
Corvette vs Porsche (Photo by Lee Brimble)

By Tom Ford from Top Gear, April 7, 2014

911 versus the new Corvette Stingray
Has the American come of age, or will Germany reign supreme? Tom Ford finds out ...

The difference between ‘bump' and ‘jump' is not just bad handwriting, but a mere 10 mph, as it turns out. A worrying lack of detail in the pacenotes means it's almost impossible to work out whether the bend in front involves third-gear-over-slight-crest-onto-straight or fourth-gear-over-slight-crest-into-dry-stone-wall-without-touching-floor.

Even more worrying is that I haven't got any pacenotes, using instead something more commonly known as a satnav.

This is patently a silly idea, and one that is abandoned quickly, given that this road - the Kirkstone Pass from Windermere to Penrith - is a mischievous tarmac rollercoaster bordered by dry-stone walls with the crash-absorbency characteristics of a load of sharp rocks piled on top of one another.

Put it this way, get this too wrong, and they'll be recovering the resulting smear with Henry the Hoover while I pick sharp bits of the Lake District out of my chest cavity. My heart is beating rather quickly. If I were a shrew, I'd have exploded.

Start reading the real comparisons and more of the details here.

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