Tech Thursday: Corvette Add-Ons

How do you get your Corvette to stand out in the crowd?

Customizable add-ons can help your Corvette look and ride better. Here's a look at three options.


Did you know that spoilers are more than just a decorative kick?

Matick Chevy Corvette Rear Spoiler
Corvette Rear Spoiler

While they do make Corvettes look slick, believe it or not, they are also good if you’re looking to crank up the speed. Rear spoilers keep cars low to the ground, providing traction and stability.

If you’re the proud owner of a 2008-2013 model, consider C6, Full Width or Z06 rear spoilers. There are two types for 2014 Stingrays: a Z51 style spoiler and a High Wing spoiler.

All these spoiler options are available in a variety of colors.


Looking for a sleek, quiet ride in your convertible? Your answer may be a windscreen.

Matick Chevy Corvette Windscreen
Corvette Windscreen

They are manufactured to reduce air turbulence in the passenger compartment when you have the top down. In effect, they help reduce road noise that allows for better passenger conversation.

Windscreens are made from glass or polyester mesh, and can be ordered with a Corvette logo if you’re looking for some style points.

Car Covers

If you want your Corvette to maintain its great polished look, consider using a car cover.

Car covers keep that shiny coat of paint nice and fresh. They are designed to repel rain and moisture, block excessive sun and keep out dirt and debris. They are one of the most popular accessories Corvette owners choose to add to their purchase, especially for those in climates where the cars won’t be driven year-round.

In northern climates, for example, Corvette buyers prefer to cover their vehicle rather than leave it exposed to winter’s unforgiving elements.

When it comes to selecting which one is right for your car, there are benefits to going with a Genuine GM model that offers a professional fit and lots of color options, all with Corvette flag insignias.

How To Order

There are plenty of other ways to customize your Corvette, both under the hood and to the eye. For the whole lowdown, check out the 2014 Performance Catalog produced by Chevrolet.

GM Performance Parts Catalog
GM Performance Parts Catalog

You can download your personal copy here and also subscribe to GM's FUEL Newsletter for car enthusiasts.

To order any of these add-ons, visit Matick Chevy's online accessories store.

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