Indy Speedway Laps and Churchill Downs Lunch Highlight Day 2 Of Michigan/Indiana Corvette Caravan

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Indy Track
Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Caravan participants take a lap around the Indianapolis Speedway on Wednesday.

"It's been an absolute blast."

Reports from the Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Corvette Caravan echoed Mark Madion's enthusiastic response to his two-day adventure driving his Corvette to Bowling Green, Ky.

"Despite driving through monsoon-type rainstorms, and construction zones that seemed to last forever, it's been a blast," says Madion, of Chesterfield Township, Mich. "Arriving at the museum yesterday made the whole trip worthwhile. Check-in lines at the National Corvette Museum could have gone quicker, but it was all worth the wait. Corvettes of every kind are everywhere." 

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Caron Lunch
Michigan Caravan Corvettes begin lining up at Caron Chevy on Tuesday for lunch.

After a Tuesday morning breakfast send-off at Matick Chevrolet in metro Detroit, the Michigan Caravan enjoyed lunch on Tuesday (Aug. 26) at Caron Chevrolet in Marshall, located in south central Michigan.

Michigan Corvette owners from east (departed from Matick Chevy), north (departed from Graf Chevy) and west Michigan converged on the Caron dealership to form the 160-plus Michigan Corvette delegation that would then snake south along I-69 intro Indianapolis, Ind., to meet up with the Indiana delegation.

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy 3
Cockpit view: Corvettes take a lap at the Indy Speedway.

Once there, one highlight of the delegation's cruise to Bowling Green were laps around the Indianapolis Speedway. Sixty Corvettes at a time, all from the Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Caravan, were able to enjoy early morning sprints around the legendary track and have photos of their cars taken crossing the finish line.

"It doesn't get much better than that for a Corvette owner," said Larry Courtney, a Warren, Mich. resident and captain and coordinator of the Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Caravan. His group was one of 26 other caravans from around the country heading to the museum to party this week.

"Our Indy Speedway event was very unique. This is a memory they'll never forget and the photo of their personal Corvette crossing the finishing line with the track background will be a memento they'll talk about for the rest of their lives," added Courtney.

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Churchill Downs
Corvette Caravan enthusiasts enjoyed lunch at Churchill Downs

After the Indy track experience, Courtney's caravan raced to Louisville, Ky., where the 300-plus Corvettes, now the official combined Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Caravan, enjoyed lunch at the famed Churchill Downs horse-racing track. Louisville Corvette clubs hosted the luncheon.

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Larry Courtney
Caravan Captain Larry Courtney readied to lead the Corvettes from Churchill Downs to Bowling Green Wednesday afternoon.

The Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Caravan "arrived excited and happy," according to Courtney, at the National Corvette Museum Wednesday afternoon. More than 4,500 Corvettes will cover the museum's grounds to help celebrate its 20th anniversary.

"We're a little tired, but thrilled with what's to come over the next several days," said Courtney. "It's a Corvette lover's playground here."

Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Indy Track 3
Corvettes at Churchill Downs.
Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Lining Up
Corvette Caravan cars line up to enter the National Corvette Museum celebration complex.
Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy On the Road
Michigan/Indiana/West Kentucky Corvette Caravan on the road.
Michigan Corvette Caravan Matic Chevy Gift Shop
Finally, owners have time to enjoy activities at the National Corvette Museum.
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