While Your Corvette’s in the Shop

It’s a fact that many Corvette owners love to work on their cars. But what if you just don’t have the time or capability? Then you should look for a certified technician to make sure your Corvette is in the best hands. And to make sure all repairs and detailing are accurate, there are some questions you need to ask and common concerns that you need to know about.

Questions to Ask the Mechanic
When you first arrive at dealer you should always ask the mechanic to take a test drive with you to fully explain what is wrong. If your problem affects the exterior including lights or mirrors, then ask them to inspect the car with you present. Once that is complete, you should ask them a few questions such as:

  • What is your warranty on parts and labor?
  • Will I have the option to choose new or used parts?
  • What repairs should I get done for safety? What can wait?
  • What would you do if this were your car?

Minor Repairs and Tune-ups
No car part is made to last forever, but Corvettes tend to have some common occurrences that affect several models.

If your car has been overheating or is leaking green fluid, it is most likely an issue with the water pump. Water pump issues are typical for 1992 – 2007 models. Most water pumps are designed to last 100,000 miles, but it’s not unusual to see leaks at 50,000 miles. Leaks can be caused by a broken seal or cracked connector.

Another common issue with Corvettes is steering. Things often go wrong the control valve or steering column. Of the two, the most common is the steering column and it’s commonality to lock the steering wheel in place. The cause of this issue is the Electronic Column Lock (ECL) failing. It affects pre-2000 A4 and all MN6 or MN12(Z06) cars.

To prevent these issues, as well as others, it is recommended that you keep up with routine maintenance. You can also contact your local Chevy dealer for any additional problems that come up.

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  1. Katy Sewell says:

    My brother got a Corvette a few years ago. Since he drives it all of the time, he needs to take it in to the shop to be worked on. There are a few special parts he needs to order before he can take it in though. http://keenparts.com/

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