Corvette Driver Kellermeyer Adds Another Title To His Trophy Case

Kellermeyer Victory Matick Chevy
Kellermeyer and his #37 C6 take another victory lap.

What could be better than competing for two T1 racing championships?

Driver Danny Kellermeyer and his Matick Chevrolet/Corvette Central-sponsored D.J. Racing Corvettes won the 2014 Waterford Hills Road Racing (WHRR) T1 Championship and finished the season with the most posts in the SCCA Great Lakes Challenge.

Kellermeyer Kids Matick Chevy
Kellermeyer loves to sign autographs.

“We enjoyed a lot of great race weekends this summer and finished WHRR at the top of our class,” says Kellermeyer, owner of D.J. Racing Enterprise of Ortonville, Mich. “Race fans said the competition this season was really fun to watch. We had a lot of close racing and people were going crazy. You could hear them moaning and cheering. It was fun to listen to them and all their comments during and after the races.”

The 2014 Waterford Hills title is Kellermeyer’s 31st championship claimed since 1989 and his fourth in a row in the WHRR T1 Class.

This championship consisted of 18 races during the 2014 season.

“To win these races, I had to be on top of my game at all times. Our Matick Chevy-sponsored #37 yellow Corvette was on the podium all but once,” Kellermeyer adds. “And 61 percent were for first place.

“Competition was tough from not only the other Corvettes, but from high-performance cars like Porsche and BMW. The Corvette of Jim Bambard and the Porsche of Christian Cook were tough, but the heaviest completion came from Tony Mac in his BMW,” says the veteran champion. “Many times the start of the race would see all the lead cars side by side lap after lap in heavy competition.”

Kellermeyer Corvette Matick ChevyKellermeyer won both the WHRRI and the SCCA Great Lakes Challenge a few years ago. But while he finished this season with the most points in the SCCA T1 competition, he did not win the title.

“I was the top on points in the championship running, but didn't have the percentage of races completed due to conflicts in my race scheduling this season,” Kellermeyer says. “No one in the T1 class, as well as a lot of the classes, had completed their new rules so no one will be crowned the T1 champion.”

Team Milestones

Kellermeyer’s D.J. Racing Team also set a milestone this season, accumulating 110,701 road-racing track miles. That’s about 4.5 times around the world.

“Our team is always strong and competitive,” says Kellermeyer, who has be actively racing Corvettes since 1989. “We thrive on each other’s energy. Robert and Jonathan Pfeffer of Indianapolis, Ind., joined in at the Mid-Ohio races this year. We tend to help each other and give each other track tips and find we can dial the track in much faster when we have multiple cars.”

D.J. Racing has supported up to five cars during a racing season. Corvette dealer Matick Chevrolet in metro Detroit has sponsored Kellermeyer for the past three seasons.

Kellermeyer Pit Matick Chevy
D.J. Racing's garage and trailer area is filled with friends and spectators on race weekends.

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  1. Dennis Whitehead says:

    Congratulations on your championship Danny, I know how difficult it is to accomplish that. On top of being a good driver, you are also a great spokesman for the sport and you often go well beyond the norm to promote racing. I’m proud to know you and call you my friend. I wish you all the best in the coming years. I’ll even give you the SCCA T1 championship, even though they won’t, their rules are stupid to say the least.

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