‘Danny Boy’ Kellermeyer Adds Two C7s To Rev Up The New Racing Season

Matick Kellermeyer Corvette Racing
Danny Kellermeyer's #37 Matick Chevy-sponsored C6 wins again at Waterford Hills.

How's this for a winter project?

DJ Racing driver Danny Kellermeyer spent the off-season taking apart his four speedy Corvettes — piece by piece.

"This winter might have been long and cold, but that didn’t stop us from working in the shop tearing down, rebuilding, prepping and fabricating our race cars. Our yellow C6 and C5 were completely dismantled to the frame, checked, reassembled and prepped for the 2015 season," says the effervescent Michigan-based race champion.

At the same time, Kellermeyer added two new C7s to his stable of fast Corvettes —   one yellow and one cyber gray.

"These cars were torn down to every last screw and bolt, cages installed and built back from the ground up. We built these C7s just like all the past Corvettes we've customized,” says the legendary builder-driver.

"Every piece is looked at to see if it can be made stronger, lighter and better. The part is then modified, replaced or, if  nothing can be done, it is reinstalled as is. All new wiring harnesses are made as the engine and ABS are completely stand-alone systems. These Corvettes are complete racecars and easier to work on if problems occur.”

Kellermeyer says his first C7 is on target to hit the track for testing this summer. If preparations go as planned, his Matick Chevy/Corvette Central-sponsored yellow DJ Racings C7 speedster will be tearing up Midwest tracks soon.

Matick Kellermeyer C7
Sweet: Kellermeyer's new C7 racecar will be ready for racing later this summer.

Let's Race

With those new C7s still in the shop, Kellermeyer was able to run his C6 for the first race of the season on May 2-3 at Michigan's Waterford Road Racing course. Great weather conditions contributed to great track times as the racing was tight for all three events with four Touring 1 class cars leading the pack every time.

Two BMWs, a silver Corvette and DJ Racing's familiar #37 yellow Corvette were all nose-to-tail and side-by-side for most of the races. The lead seemed to change multiple times every lap, but it was the Matick Chevy-sponsored DJ Racing Corvette that prevailed at the finish line in all three races.

“This year started right where the last year season ended — very competitive. Just the way I like it,” reports Kellermeyer.

“Driver Tony Mac in his well-prepared BMW was tough and wasn’t afraid to mix it up on any corner. I just had to run it out until one of us had to drop back. We finished one race side-by-side with only a marker light setting us apart. The victory was just .043 seconds.

"I don’t think either of us knew who actually won that race. Now that is great racing," concludes an excited Kellermeyer.

Matick Kellermeyer Checked Flag Racing
Danny Kellermeyer takes another checkered flag in his first 2015 outing.

Photos by Mark Windecker

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